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Books on Education

How I Wish I'd Taught Maths by Craig Barton

This is the story of an experienced and successful maths teacher's journey into the world of research and what it looks like in the classroom.  Along the way we meet practical, easy-to-implement strategies including Supercharged Worked Examples, Silent Teacher, SSDD problems, low-stakes quizzes, diagnostic questions, Purposeful Practice, self-explanations, harnessing the power of the hypercorrection effect, how to (and how not to) teach problem-solving and much more. No matter your experience, teaching style or favourite number, every maths teacher will find something to think about in this book.


The Elephant in the Classroom by Jo Boaler

The Elephant in the Maths Classroom offers concrete suggestions on ways to teach maths well, and ways to help children in the home, that will offer new and more effective ways of learning maths. The book offers an exciting way forward, a new approach to teaching maths that excites and motivates children, teaching them to reason and problem solve, that can help children, even those who think that they are maths failures and that they could never enjoy maths. An indispensable guide and resource for parents, teachers and educationalists, that inspires and enthuses as much as it teaches.

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