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Day 11 | LThMath Advent Calendar

Christmas is almost here and because these are also last days of school (or university) for some of you I thought I will show some interesting DIY Christmas trees. There is also some mathematics hidden in each project. But first I have to say that none of the ideas are entirely mine, I just found them on Pinterest and adapted them for a mathematical approach.

1. Pyramids X-mas Tree

This is one of those more abstract and artistically way to make a Christmas tree. With a little bit tact you could put some mathematics in it. For example, decide on where the tree should be and how big, then consider the area of the base and think about home many could fit on the designated space (different base pyramids will make it more interesting). Also, different pyramids’ heights will make it look a little more interesting and you could ask the children to find some design they like.

2. Paper Christmas Trees

The next 2 projects use circles a lot and I thought I will put them together. There are quite a number of nice questions about the sizes of circles ( radius, diameter) which will naturally appear in this project. But I believe you could also ask things about circle sectors ( just a chat will be fine, while cutting and sticking things together).

3. The very abstract and artistically ones

I just have to put these ones here because they are so incredibly beautiful. Also, let me know in the comment box bellow what mathematical things you could find in the next designs. Have a great day and enjoy the Christmas preparations.

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