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Day 12 | LThMath Advent Calendar

Just because for Day 11, we spoke about Christmas Trees, let us speak about Christmas decorations today. I discovered that the internet is full with extremely beautiful, fun and interesting geometric decorations for X-mas trees. It looks like the geometric style has spread through the interior design domain a lot. And I happy to see people giving more credit to geometry when it comes to art. So here are some my favorite examples (source from the photos is mostly Pinteres):

1. Basic Geometrical Shapes – basic shapes such as cubes, cuboids, pyramids, prisms that we have learned about from primary school are now around us for chic decorations:

These shapes are also really easy to make in case you are prepared for DIYs and I am sure you remember from school the nets. They were always extreme fun for me, and I discover children still love them now.

2. Shapes which are geometry inspired – these are not normal, basic shapes which sometimes can have hard names to remember. But they are still nice and can become extremely interesting is we start to study them geometrically:

Staying geometrical this Christmas! ^_^ Enjoy the moment, use the ‘smile’ and be happy, this happens just once a year!

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