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Life Through a Mathematician`s Eyes is an educational initiative that aims to fight back at the negative stigma associated with the subject of mathematics. Call us pretentious, but we want to change the general consensus that mathematics learned in school is useless. We strive to present people with different aspects of math and break past the perception that math is just a collection of numbers, formulas and rigid rules to be followed. Applications of mathematics are present in all aspects of our daily lives; in areas that are socially defined as opposite to math: art, psychology, sociology, biology, geography or archeology are only a few examples.

We want to bring into the spotlight the beauty of mathematics beyond its social perception and negative stigma. We want to change the world and the only way we know how to do it is by showing everyone that math is like the air and water to our technological society. 

For those in school struggling with understanding concepts and passing exams, we are offering private or group tutoring sessions that will offer you all the support you require in order to tame `the beast'. (location limited to Edinburgh, Scotland UK)  

For those of you who already understand the social struggle of mathematics, we aim to provide a space where people can talk and share their love for mathematics and its applications through workshops, talks and math clubs and across our social media platforms.


 Math is everywhere. Enjoy!

Meet the team


Motto: `the study of mathematics is like air or water to our technological society`

Occupation:  Professional Math Concept Disruptor and Secondary Teacher of Mathematics.


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Motto: `Knowledge is power!`

Occupation:  PR & Customer Service Executive and professional Math Concept Disruptor sidekick.


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From 'Beauty of Mathematics' Susan Silver's first interview with Ioana

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