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Total Duration: 

10 Sections of 15 minutes/day 

The course will focus on modern mathematical topics such as Chaos Theory, Tropical Geometry and Topology.


Moreover, the course will cover applications of some of this topics in our modern society. For example, knot theory a branch of topology is used in biology to study the effects of certain enzymes on DNA. 

You will receive an email every day for 10 days about different mathematical topics and their history and importance in our societ. Every email will also contain further information for those interested to study the topic in depth. There will be a list of useful book recommendations for each topic, but also free online resources from different platforms. Moreover, you can have interesting discussions, share resources and ask question in the Facebook Group and Google Classroom set especially for this course. 

The whole idea of the course is to be an introduction into different mathematical topics, but also to guide people for further development and study. 

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