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International Women's Day

Women in mathematics from A to Z! The article includes Sofia Vasilyevna Kovalevskaya Amalie Emmy Noether, Mary Fairfax Somerville and many more. 

Fierce Women

The card game “Fierce Women”, which celebrates women’s contributions to society in the fields of human rights, science, art, culture, politics, and feminism. The game was created by the Croatian NGO ‘Commonzone’. So far so good, but… you can imagine my excitement when I found out that they haven’t forgotten about mathematics and they have mentioned some of my all time favorite women mathematicians.

Women in Mathematics

In this  post we are mentioning the work of Rachel Ignotofsky. She is the illustrator of Women in Science, which was turned into a book and released in 2016.  The book is incredible and we cannot recommend it enough. Here are some of the pages related to women mathematicians. Enjoy!

Women in Mathematics

Find out more about 4 incredible and courageous women mathematicians whose work forever changed the world. 

5 Great Books about Women in Mathematics

Would you like to find out more about women mathematics. Here are 5 great books that discuss their lives, their mathematical discoveries and the societies that shaped them. 

First Woman in …

Who was the first woman in Europe to hold a doctorate in mathematics? Who was the first woman appointed to a full professorship in Northern Europe? Who was first American African woman with a Ph. D. in mathematics? Who was the first woman honored with the Fields Medal? 

First Impression of the movie Hidden Figures

26 February 2017, 30 minutes after watching it, we wnt to give you our first impression(s) on the movie "Hidden Figures".

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Pile Of Books

Books about great women

Check our list of book recommendations to find out more about the journeys of these great women.

Laptop Writing

Websites focused on incredible women

Recently more and more people are sharing more about the women that made history in mathematics.



Check our collection of posters and infographics on women in mathematics.

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