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Inspirational Corner


Chhavi Vig


The fact that you can sail through this subject smoothly solely on the basis of understanding the basics, has always fascinated me.


Elias Wirth

Mathematician and Blogger

One of the most satisfying things is to understand something on a deep level after you struggled with it for some time. This happens a lot in mathematics.



1oth grader

Sure, it may not suit everyone, but there are endless possibilities to its [mathematics] applications.

Soham Sa

Soham Sau

Physics Student

I like to describe myself as a weird guy, some sort of a rebel. Mathematics, specifically Pure Mathematics is my first Love.


Susan Silver

Writer with a Math Muse

I didn’t have friends growing up and spent a lot of time in my room making up games. Mathematics became a part of that escape.


Kashmira Zambad

Economics Student

Mathematics has taught me the importance of being patient. It has this magic of developing critical and analytical skills.


Marie Rose Jerade

Mathematics Student

I have always loved mathematics and would spend a lot of time studying it solely because I enjoyed discovering, learning and solving problems. 

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Akshay Thakur

Communicator of Science and Math

It was through Fluid Mechanics that my interest was piqued, and it’s how I began to enjoy Mathematics as well.

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