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Total Duration: 

10 Sections of 15 minutes/day  

Cryptology is the key that lets us communicate from one end of the world to another, it allows us to exchange anything from messages to photos and even money in a relative safe and secure manner; and all of these has mathematics behind it. The course presents the history of it including the mathematics behind the concept.

You will receive an email every day for 10 days about different aspects of cryptology, its history and importance in our society, but also about the mathematics behind it. Every email will also contain further information for those interested to study the topic in depth. There will be a list of useful book recommendations for each topic, but also free online resources from different platforms. Moreover, you can have interesting discussions, share resources and ask question in the Facebook Group and Google Classroom set especially for this course. 

The whole idea of the course is to be an introduction into this topic, but also to guide people for further development and study. 

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