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Check our Women in Mathematics Calendar:

  • historical daily facts 

  • articles, books and video recommendations

  • posters (coming soon)

Check our recent projects and be inspired by:

  • the beauty of mathematics in nature

  • Christmas/December Advent Calendar activities, recommendations

  • the creativity and courage of women in mathematics

  • the story of other mathematicians, students and teachers - learn from them 

Do you want to learn more mathematics? You have a number of options: 

  • 'Introduction to Cryptology' course (free online)

  • 'Modern Mathematics' (free online)

  • 'Pythagoras and his theorem" (coming soon online)

  • 'How to study for a mathematics test or exam?' different tips and methods that will help you prepare for exams (coming soon online)

  • a group studying session together with your friends or classmates (coming soon online)

  • check our list of workshops (coming soon to Edinburgh, UK)

Are you a parent or a teacher who wants to make mathematics more fun for their pupils/children? Do you want to study mathematics by yourself or with your friends? Check our list of awesome resources: 

  • websites

  • apps

  • books (Book Club)

  • posters

  • lesson ideas

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